Blain Buchanan Signs: An island to himself

Blain Buchanan has had to expand his workspace over the years to allow for more equipment and better workflow.

SMC: What does your planning process involve? 

BB: I do it all from taking the call or email to the design, then on to the production of the sign and installation if needed.

SMC: How is technology changing your business? 

BB: Having a digital printer and vinyl cutter is like having two employees. While I am working on the designs, the machines are hard at work bringing my ideas to life. This allows me to produce a lot more work and gives the shop better workflow. 

SMC: What is the key to staying successful in this industry? 

BB: The key to staying successful, no matter what industry you’re in, is always listen to your customers and their needs. A happy customer is one that will always come back.

SMC: What are the future plans for your business? 

Buchanan created this sign for the O’Leary Volunteer Fire Department, of which he has been a member for 31 years.

BB: There are always places to find a need for my products. Most of the time, customers ask me if I can do this or that and, in a lot of cases, this is where I find new ideas of where I would like to take my business. With all the new equipment being developed, I have been thinking of adding a CNC or plasma table to my arsenal in the future. 

SMC: How has COVID-19 affected your business? How did the shop cope? 

BB: COVID-19 has affected the trophy side of business a lot, but, funny enough, the signage side has done well. COVID signs and decals for masks, etc, are in such high demand and has made up the difference and then some as of to date.  

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