Assembling the Ikea Sign

Montreal Neon Signs developed 3D video animations to plan and test  the step-by-step execution of each installation.

Montreal Neon Signs developed 3D video animations to plan and test the step-by-step execution of each installation.

Knowing that allocating more time during the planning phase will result in faster manufacturing and installation processes—with reduced risk of errors—Montreal Neon Signs invests heavily in researching and planning each project to the fullest. For example, to anticipate all possible obstacles and risk factors when unloading the Ikea signs, 3D video animations were used to demonstrate to the team how the delivery and unloading of the signs were to be performed. They also helped to visualize where the material, signs, and equipment should be located on site. In doing this, it eliminated any confusion during the delivery and increased productivity as everyone knew what to do and where to go.

The plans also reassured the client that all perimeters were well-established and adequately secured for its customers visiting the store. In this case, the video helped the team determine the space required on-site, and the manoeuvers needed to manipulate the crates and signs in the busy Ikea parking lots. After its route from Montreal to Halifax, the signs were unloaded and assembled on-site. Large cranes were
in place to assist with the assembly and installation of the signs. Depending on the number of signs being installed at each site, it took approximately one to two weeks to complete the project. On the Halifax project, for example, the team completed the installation in one week and everything went as planned.

An all-around success

The Montreal Neon Signs team completed the Halifax project on time and on budget. City officials and regulators were satisfied with the result, and most importantly, Ikea was pleased with the finished project.

In fact, the client was so impressed they decided to use this project as the standard specification for all its navigation tower signs. As a result, Montreal Neon Signs successfully completed the rebrand of all Ikea stores across Canada to ensure the same high-quality signage standard was followed at all of its locations.

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Montreal Neon Signs team of project managers, led by Sonya Robert, were dedicated solely on the Ikea program to ensure the successful completion for each site. To date, the Ikea program is one of Montreal Neons’ most accomplished programs the signmaker has completed in such a short time frame. The company continues to manufacture and install Ikea signs across Canada.

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