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Amp Digital triples print productivity

Montreal-based sign and display shop Amp Digital has acquired a new Anapurna H3200i printer from Agfa Graphics.

The 3.2-m (10.5-ft) wide ultraviolet-curing (UV-curing) light-emitting diode (LED) printer will allow Amp to increase the quality of its output, reduce operational expenses and triple productivity. As a ‘hybrid’ device, the printer can handle both uncoated rigid media, such as corrugated boards, plastics, exhibition panels and stage graphics, and flexible roll-based media, such as films, vinyl, papers, canvas and banners.

“We did all of the research and went to all of the trade shows,” says Bruno Laverdière, director of the family-owned business. “For this size of printer, the H3200i offered the best price-quality-speed ratio on the market.”

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