Mountain-sized screen marks Canada’s Wonderland anniversary

As part of this summer’s 30th-anniversary celebrations at Canada’s Wonderland near Toronto, a new nightly show is using digital projections of two-dimensional (2-D) motion graphics and three-dimensional (3-D) animation to turn the theme park’s central ‘mountain’ feature into a giant screen.

Canada's Wonderland

Photos and video courtesy Tantrum Design

Dubbed the Starlight Spectacular, the show features images created by Toronto-based Tantrum Design & VFX and precisely mapped for the dimensions and contours of the mountain. Four projectors provided by Christie in Kitchener, Ont.—which develops digital signage technologies—illuminate one side of the structure during the 10.5-minute show (see video). Seasons appear to change and a dragon breathes lava, among other segments.

Canada's Wonderland

“The mountain became our canvas,” says Tantrum’s creative director, Dominik Bochenski. “We worked closely with its form to ensure each effect felt as if it were happening in real time in front of the viewer’s eyes. To be there in the park while the crowd is cheering, whistling and applauding is truly special.”

The show also features original music from Montreal-based Apollo Studios.

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