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Zünd’s RML router module is powerful, versatile and automated

A powerful spindle with up to 3.6 kW of power and a maximum torque of 0.7 Nm, combined with automatic tool changer, delivers high precision & productivity.

Zünd recently brought to market the high-powered RM-L router option for its digital cutting systems. The powerful new spindle delivers 3.6 kW of processing power for acrylics, polycarbonates, aluminum composite materials (ACMs), solid aluminum and medium-density fibreboard (MDF).

Day-to-day production for a print service provider (PSP) tends to be diverse and challenging. Aside from all of the materials that need to be knife-cut or creased, there are tough materials such as Plexiglas, polycarbonate, aluminum, Dibond, MDF and other wood products that require a variety of processing methods. This complicates the finishing process and increases the need to have the best tool for the job at hand. To help PSPs meet these challenges, Zünd now offers a system capable of routing, engraving and polishing the most difficult materials efficiently and with superb precision.

At the heart of Zünd’s latest router system is the robust spindle with pneumatic collet. With a maximum torque of 0.7 Nm, this tool opens up new possibilities in terms of performance and applications. Dense, hard materials can now be processed at much greater speeds and cutting depths, reducing the number of passes that would normally be required and significantly increasing throughput.

To ensure sustained performance and efficiency, the router spindle is water-cooled. In addition, a high-performance, high-flow dust extraction system helps keep the working area clean, which further contributes to overall productivity and superior quality of the finished product.

The new router module is equipped with a minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) system, keeping the working bit well-lubricated to minimize friction. As a result, very little heat is generated during routing, which provides a dramatic boost to bit life and allows for much greater acceleration and processing speeds.

An intelligent surface compensation system determines the thickness of the material and detects inconsistencies. During processing, the system reliably compensates for any variances by making the necessary depth adjustments automatically. The ability to maintain constant routing depths is particularly important for engraving applications, effectively eliminating problems with quality that can arise from the inevitable differences in material thickness.

Zünd’s ER-16 collets ensure concentricity and maintain reliable retention. To accommodate different shaft diameters, HSK-E25 collet holders are used, permitting routing with an even wider assortment of bits, all with the same module.

The ARC HSK automatic tool changer takes care of handling the router bits. The magazine can accommodate up to eight different preloaded collet holders. Fully automated tool changing significantly increases overall levels of production automation and throughput.

As tool changeover times are reduced to a minimum, this significantly improves productivity, especially for workflows that involve many different types of custom or short-run jobs or complex designs that call for several different bit sizes and types.

Zünd RM-L routing MDF.

Zünd RM-L routing acrylic.

The combination of the 3.6-kW RM-L router, automatic tool changer and workflow options, such as tandem or dual-beam operation, provide unprecedented routing efficiency and profitability. For more information on the new router and all other Zünd tool and material-handling options, visit and contact Jean-Pierre (Jay) Lalonde, territory manager for Canada, at (226) 339-6959, (647) 793-2700 ext. 111 or via e-mail at

To see the new Zünd router in action, watch the application videos for acrylics and MDF on ZündTube.

Zünd Systemtechnik is a family-owned manufacturer of multi-functional digital cutting systems. The Zünd name has stood for Swiss quality—synonymous with precision, performance and reliability—for more than 30 years.

Zünd has been designing, manufacturing and marketing modular digital cutting systems since 1984 and is recognized worldwide as a market leader in several different industries. The technological superiority of Zünd cutters stems from the company’s insistence on superior quality standards, modular design and a strong focus on customers and their market-specific needs for cutting, finishing and automation.

In 2004, Zünd established a sister company in Franklin, Wisc., that provides sales and support to customers across North America. Zünd expects to open Canadian sales, support and demonstration facilities in Southern Ontario in the very near future. For more information, visit

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