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Digital Signage: Cooking up revenue for restaurants

Digital signage has offered restaurant owners a new way to leverage their display advertising and increase revenue. While this is not to say digital displays will eventually replace TV advertising, place-based media and other forms of display advertising have certainly gained momentum in recent years and are on track to dominate the industry in the future.

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Digital Signage: Why pixel pitch matters

Terms like high-resolution, high-definition (HD), ‘4K’ ultra-high-definition (UHD), Widescreen Ultra Extended Graphics Array (WUXGA), pixel density and pixel pitch get tossed around a great deal these days with regard to digital signage. It is important to demystify and place these terms into the proper context when investigating display technology for a particular application or project.

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Digital Signage: How software drives interactivity

Digital signage has changed the way people interact with media. Compelling content has explored new methods for engaging large crowds, while interactive display screens’ high resolution, response time and ability to support multiple types of content simultaneously have proven highly attractive to passersby.

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