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Sign Shop Profile: Imagination Corporation
Operating from their backyard in a small town in British Columbia, this unique family company believes in merging state-of-the-art tools and old-world craftsmanship with a dollop of imagination to create a magical experience for its clients. For them, ‘ordinary’ simply does not cut it.
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Getting Colour Right When Printing More Than Signs
To maintain existing customers and attract new, higher-end clients, print service providers need consistent, high-quality output. If one is alarmed at the rate their trash bins and ink waste bottles are filling up while trying to get the customer’s colour right, a more efficient colour management system is likely in order.
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Illumination: Visualization as a Service
Inspired by changes in the information technology (IT) world, a few enterprising companies in the digital display industry have begun to ‘servicize’ their offerings, selling their solutions as a service rather than individual hardware units.
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Acrylic Face Mounting
Acrylic face mounting can make a print really stand out, which is an essential prerequisite for fine art and other high-end applications. In order to produce a visually appealing output, there are five physical material aspects one must consider.
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