Fujifilm flatbed is the go-to for Toronto print shop

May 13, 2019

Full Frame Signs expands its print capabilities with Fujifilm’s Acuity Select 28.

Full Frame Signs expands its print capabilities with Fujifilm’s Acuity Select 28.

In the fast-paced glamorous world of film and TV production, finding the perfect shot is critical. In movie shoots, camera operators are constantly focusing on meaningful elements in the scene in front of them. When it comes to TV production, they must meticulously capture scenes that are carefully planned in advance.

Regardless of the project, cinematic artists in highly specialized roles must get every detail perfect. As veterans of the Toronto film and TV industry, Full Frame Signs understands this and, therefore, turned to Fujifilm Graphic Systems to expand its print capabilities in the industry.

With familiarity in the film and TV industry, Fujifilm entered the movie camera market in 2002. While building its reputation, Fujifilm engineers quickly understood the importance of accommodating the different needs and culture of the motion picture industry.

Sean Vizsy, owner and president of Full Frame Signs contacted Fujifilm after seeing the positive impression the industry had of its brand. He strengthened his existing partnership by acquiring the company’s Acuity Select 28, a versatile and economic ultraviolet (UV) inkjet press which is capable of handling a wide range of creative print applications.

“As a part of Toronto’s film and television industry, our finished product will appear on camera,” said Vizsy. “The high quality output from the printer is more impressive than many others in its category. It also appeals to our other clients within various industries and markets.”

The flatbed Acuity Select 20 Series showcases Fujifilm’s Uvijet KN ink, while featuring up to eight colour channels, including options to run white, varnish, and light inks. This is optimal for a variety of output, which is ideal for Full Frames Signs’ specific needs. The versatility of printing high quality, 1200 dots per inch (dpi) (or greater) graphics on rigid, flexible, and roll media gives printers additional opportunities to expand their offerings. The combination of inks, varnishes, and media options provide a myriad of solutions for sign and display customers.

Full Frame Signs is a short-run or prototype-business, so the equipment they use needs to align with the type of jobs they perform. Because it produces short-run work efficiently, the Acuity Select 28 can save the company upwards of 30 per cent on labour costs.

“That’s reapplied labour, not work we’ve eliminated, as we’ve re-allocated efforts to other areas, boosting productivity all around,” said Vizsy.

Full Frame Signs uses on a variety of rigid substrates for indoor and outdoor applications, including acrylic, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) board, styrene, plastic sheets, and corrugated.

“We are using the Acuity Select 28 for all of our rigid substrate output and white corrugated prints,” said Vizsy. “Often, our film and television clients provide their own flexible or rigid, substrates to print on depending on their needs at any particular moment on-set.” 

Further, Full Frame Signs is using Fujifilm’s edition of Caldera’s Grand RIP+. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, along with Adobe’s Portable Document Folder (PDF) Print Engine (APPE), the RIP can help interpret the native PDF file to increase speed and eliminate problems with transparencies and layers. Full Frame Signs is also running Caldera on two existing eco-solvent presses to streamline staff on-boarding and project management.

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